New Visegrad Cinema

OFFicyna Association has always had a great interest in Visegrad art and culture. That is why we invited again artists and film specialist from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia to join our Szczecin European Film Festival. Representatives from Visegrad countries will be present at the Opening Ceremony, as well as other festival;s‘ events, including „V4 at SEFF”
During the festival a special Visegrad cinema presentation will take place „the Fourth Dimension of Eueope”, showing the newest documenatyry productions from Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.
This year's project partners are friends and partners of the festival's organiser of many years – the OFFicyna Association. These are the Aulea Foundation from Hungary (Aulea Foundation for Performing Arts), the East Silver East European Film Forum from the Czech Republic (Institute of Documentary Film IDF), which also supported us in previous years, as well as the Association of Slovak Film Clubs ASFK and the Slovakian KINEČKO (NGO EEE) film magazine.
The project is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund.





Pal Czirjak (Aluea Foundation)

Independent researcher, freelance journalist and photographer. He had been editor-in-chief ofMetropolis (Hungarian quarterly of film theory and film history) from 2009 to 2013, and editor since 2005. He is currently Ph.D. student (Film, Media and Cultural Studies, ELTE, Budapest) after graduating in Film Theory and Film History, MA and in Aesthetics, MA at the same university. Between 2007 and 2009 he was an associate researcher for Archive of Studio Béla Balázs. He has been a visiting lecturer at University of Szeged (2008–), and at Budapest University of Technology (2012–). His articles, essays, book reviews and translation have appeared since 2004 in edited volumes, and periodicals.

His research interests include questions and methods of film analysis, Hungarian documentaries, Hungarian cinema in the socialist era, as well as film and architecture.



Eva Križková ukończyła teorię filmu na Wyższej Szkole Sztuk Scenicznych (VŠMU) w Bratysławie, obecnie jest na pierwszym roku studiów doktorskich na Słowackiej Akademii Nauk (SAV), gdzie realizuje projekt nt. estetycznych aspektów dystrybucji filmów autorskich. Współzałożycielka magazynu Kinečko (2010 r.), gdzie obecnie jest redaktor naczelną. Jest też współzałożycielką firmy FILMTOPIA , która kształtuje się na laboratorium dystrybucji, poszukując nowych metod dystrybucji, szczególnie filmów niezależnych.

Eva Pa ukończyła prawo na Uniwersytecie Komeńskiego (UK) w Bratysławie oraz reżyserię i produkcję w Szkole Filmowej w Zlinie. Współzałożycielka magazynu Kinečko (2010 r.), gdzie pracuje jako producent wykonawcza i redaktor. Jest też współzałożycielką firmy FILMTOPIA , która kształtuje się na laboratorium dystrybucji, poszukując nowych metod dystrybucji, szczególnie filmów niezależnych. Od 2012 r., jest dyrektorką Fest Anča, Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmów Animowanych.  


Miriam Ryndová

Miriam Ryndová (b. 1979). Graduated in Aesthetics and Slovak Language and Literature in Bratislava and Prague, together with the complentary Artes Liberales Film Studies in 2002. Between 1999 – 2005, she worked as an Editor and Literature and Film Journalist for Vlna magazine, organized film projects for Soros Centre of Contemporary Arts, Bratislava[,] and worked for Nitra International Theatre Festival in Slovakia as a journalist and translator of drama. 2005 – 2006 worked for Designblok - days of Design in Prague as a Production Manager, prepared Slovak section of music videos and animated films as a Curator for Datatransfer – festival of new visual styles in Prague. She also worked for FAMU – Documentary Film Department in Prague. She has been working for Institute of Documentary Film since 2005. She speaks English and German




The Fourth Dimension of Europe: