SeFF Mini - Film Workshop

Szczecin Film Festival 2022: 22.10.2022, Saturday, 11:00
Galeria TWORZĘ SIĘ, pl. Żołnierza Polskiego 2 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: SeFF Mini'22

October film workshops – led this year by Paulina Ratajczak and Dominika Wyrobek from the Tworzę się Gallery located in the Culture House “13 Muses” in Szczecin – will use the stop-motion animation technique (more precisely pixelation). Thanks to this technique, participants will be able to traverse different worlds, disrupt the phenomenon of gravity, play in creating their own stories and bring to life the most sophisticated of their holiday adventures. The result of the meeting will be a jointly prepared, audio-visual short film. Workshops for children and young people from the foster care department of the MOPR (Municipal Family Support Centre) in Szczecin.

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