SeFF'22 Awards Ceremony

Szczecin Film Festival 2022: 24.10.2022, Monday, 18:00
Radio Szczecin, Aleja Wojska Polskiego 73 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: SeFF'22 Awards Ceremony

During the SeFF'22 Awards Ceremony, this time, as well as during the SeFF'22 Opening Ceremony, we are hosted by Studio S1 of the Polish Radio in Szczecin. As in previous years, during the festival closing ceremony, we get to know the films awarded and honoured in the October SeFF competitions – the European Competition for documentary films and West Pomeranian Shorts. The ceremony is conducted by Konrad Wojtyła, PhD – a well-known journalist, poet and critic from Szczecin. The special guest of this festive event is the duo of Patryk Matwiejczuk (piano) and Patryk Rynkiewicz (trumpet), who will add splendour to it with their recital.

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