Crossing The Boundaries – Tomasz Raczek & Bartosz Wójcik.

Szczecin Film Festival 2020: 22.10.2020, Thursday, 20:00
EVENT ONLINE, (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: The Boundaries of Cinema

“Crossing the Bondaries” is very special this year, since year 2020 brought us all completely unexpected challenges. Not only did the Coronavirus pandemic cause a change in the lifestyle and functioning of whole communities, it also greatly influenced the creative sphere, including that of film. Starting Spring, a great number of audiovisual productions have been created in very special conditions. The phenomenon had such a great scale that it also reached the platforms of film giants, a great example of which can be the “Homemade” Netflix miniseries or Polish “W domu” made for HBO Polska. We will take a closer look at a few film novellas and together we will discuss what boundaries the creators and we, the viewers, are crossing this time: the boundaries of curiosity, the boundaries of knowledge and experience, the boundaries of safety?

This was a crazy year Rupert Jörg 2019, 1', GER
Durga's Lockdown Mitesh Take 2020, 2', IND
Quarantine Dimitar Dimitrov 2020, 4', BUL
Mission COVID-19 Peter Vadocz 2020, 2', HUN
Be right back / Zaraz wracam Szymon Pawletko 2020, 6', POL
Corona 2 - Die Zweite Welle extra 3 (Youtube)
Codziennosc w koronie Izabela Chamczyk (performance online)

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