All you need to make a good film is an idea and a mobile phone – this is the assumption behind the TELEPHONE ART competition, which enables a meeting with the experimental form of film made with mobiles. The competition films, up to 5 minutes in running time, are based on the reality surrounding us, include interesting narrations and the author's message.

The competition dates back to 2007. This year the organisers got surprised by the great number of submissions – 1130 productions sent from 83 countries from all over the world! The competition winner will be chosen by the audience and the juror – Cezary Ciszewski, director, journalist, activist, street photographer, graduate of the Łódź Film School, lecturer at the University of Warsaw and at the University of Lower Silesia, creator of the first Citizen Television and the “Miasta w Komie” (Cities in a Cell) film movement.

The screening will take place on October 15th in Český Film, and will constitute the unofficial inauguration of SEFF '16. The main award in the international competition for the observers of reality was funded by Avid Poland. The final selection of productions has been made by Ul Pazniak –  graduate from the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the Fine Arts Department of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.


Admission free


List of films qualified to the TELEPHONE ART '16 competition:


(?)'s Gaze
D: Chloe Yap Mun Ee, 4'47''

D: Aleksandr Abraztcov, 3'

D: Rahmah Pauzi, 4'02''

6 456
D: Sara Ristic, 2'50''

Fair Play
D: Branko Istvancic, 0'59''

Faux Solo
D: Nancy Lee, 3'28''

It's Nice to Remember: The Story of the Ax
D: Brandon Scullion, 1'39''

Keansburg Ocean Action: A Community Reborn
D: Kierin Rogers, 3'07''

D: Peter James, 2'55''

Life Journey
D: Sajedur Rahman, 1'29''

Light Diaries - Spin Around
D: Chris Aupiais, 3'59''

D: Hamed Oliyaee, 2'49''

Mount Pelion - Sculpting in Time
D: John Stratoudakis, 4'48''

The Ocean Wept and Left the Gull
D: Sebastian Eklund, 03'57''

On the Other Side
D: Igor Trofimov, 3'28''

D: Shih-Han Huang, 0'55''

Piano Sonata in Toronto
D: Paolo Benetazzo, 3'08''

Sometimes When We Touch...
D: Wong Suk Yin, 1'

La Sortie de l'Usine Lumière à Lyon – 120 ans plus tard
D: Wanda Dittrich, Mariusz Wirski, 1'51''

St. Valentine’s Day
D: Katarzyna Guzowska, 1'43''

Take It
D: Yasser Kassab, 0'52''

D: Ehsan Masoom, 0'51''

D: Etienne Kompis, 0'05''

D: Alexander Tuschinski, 2'27''

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