The European Competition '21

Invariably, just like every year, the jury had to face a very difficult choice – due to the very high level of film submissions. How do you choose about two dozens of productions from over 400 of them? Ultimately the European Competition will feature 26 pictures by authors from 8 countries. The production of all competition films ended in 2020-2021. The documentaries we will show were filmed all around the world but artists associated with Europe are involved in their production – as is competition requirement. The topics of these works, which cross the boundaries of classic documentaries are really diversified, starting with matters that we all find important, all the way to professional entertainment. There were many films whose topics and form drew upon the pandemic situation. Just like in previous years, after the screenings there will be discussions with authors of the competition films. This is especially important to us, as a direct meeting between a viewer and the author makes it possible to take a closer look at the issues which the film raises. In 2021, there will be 9 films from Poland, 7 films from Germany, 4 French productions, 2 Spanish films and one picture from Serbia, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands each, all of which will compete for the main prize. 

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