Young German Cinema - Festival im StadtHafen Rostock

FiSH – Festival im StadtHafen is an event for the young film scene in Germany. It has been taking place in Rostock for 10 years now. The most important and the biggest part of the festival is the German short film competition JUNGER FILM. As part of the competition we present non-commercial short films by young independent German filmmakers.

However, there is more to FiSH than just the main competition. Each year the viewers are also attracted by productions from and about the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, presented in SehSterne. Here every film-lover will find something for themselves – from documentary and feature films, reportages, to music videos and experimental films. Another section of the program is the international program window, which each year enables us to look into the work of the young generation of one of the Baltic countries (in 2014 it was a review of the Polish film scene, called OFF Polska). Moreover, each year at the festival an award is given to the best pedagogical projects in the region (Award in the Field of Developing Media Competence M-V). Numerous meetings, parties, and workshops constitute a platform for the discussion between the audience and the professionals from the film industry. 

FiSH became one of the most acclaimed short film events in Germany, and receives one of the biggest audience turnouts among such events in the region. This year we have also reached Szczecin. We hope you will come and join us!


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