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Jadran Boban / Croatia
Blues for a Soviet
City decontamination from fascist graffiti

Simo Ezoubeiri / Morocco / USA
A day in life

Mulugeta Gebrekidan / Ethiopia
Mind Over Matter
Boundaries Bound

Jumpel (Joe Duerbeck) / Germany
Quicken Belts

Alina Ozerova  / Russia / Netherlands
My family archive
One minute of Casa Viva
Olivier Rueda / Mexico
God's Forsaken

Karl F. Stewart / Italy/France/Germany
Berlin Conversations . Up Down Nowhere
David Theobald / UK
The Power of Now

Koen Vanstappen / Belgium/USA
The Biotope (Brussels South Region)

Julio Velasco / Colombien / French
Entropies numériques (Numerical entropies)
Est-ce que...?

Mk Yurttas / Turkey
Untitled, for an elevator 
Untitled, for the laundry 
Toprak / Earth 

Boundaries of Cinema: