SeFF Mini - Warsztaty Dzwięku

Szczecin Film Festival 2022: 23.10.2022, Niedziela, 12:00
Dział Pieczy Zastępczej MOPR w Szczecinie, Smolańska 3, 70-026 Szczecin (Gdzie to jest?)
Blok tematyczny: SeFF Mini'22

As part of the workshops, we will experiment with the sound in the film. We will learn to recognize the sounds of the environment, distinguish them from the sound space and create our own, thus modifying the soundscape. We will explore the secrets of the sound recording process. As a result of the workshop, participants will be able to record the soundtrack of the SeFF MINI commercial spot. The workshop will creatively develop the participants' imaginations, allowing them to creatively use mobile applications used today by children and teenagers. Workshops for children and young people from the foster care department of the MOPR (Municipal Family Support Centre) in Szczecin.

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Program na 23.10.2022