SeFF Mini '21 Multimedia Festival October

SeFF MINI’21 in October is a continuation of the June film workshops, sensory cinema, masterclass on new media, film history lessons and film production workshops. Furthermore, it is knighthood workshops and sound workshops for young cinema lovers and a panel discussion on the possibilities and threats connected to the use of the new media by children and youth. Altogether that gives us 8 types of film-related and multimedia actions during the nine days of the festival, and again – both in Szczecin and in the region. This time we will also get the chance to learn about tradition in historical film and experiment with sound, which is an inherent part of film ever since its beginnings. SeFF MINI’21 multimedia festival is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund.


Registration: tel. 91 423 69 01
Admission to all events is free
Due to the pandemic, SeFF MINI'21 is partially online. Real-life events in compliance with the sanitary regime, depending on the current epidemiological situation and the recommendations of the Minister of Health





The project is co-financed by the budget of the city of Szczecin and the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.
Co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund - a state special purpose fund.


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