International Selection Team SEFF'18 in work - part 1.


International Selection Team SEFF'18 in work - part 2.


SEFF MINI'18 stop-motion animation workshops


SEFFnix 2018 Episode 01


SEFFnix 2018 Episode 02


SEFFnix 2018 Episode 03


SEFFnix 2018 Episode 04


SEFFnix 2018 Episode 05


Trailer SEFF'18 June


Documentation SEFF '17


SEFF '17 Trailer June&October



 SEFF '17 Trailer October




SEFF MINI - Filmowy Plac Zabaw


SEFF'17 OFFicial Trailer


SEFF '16 w filmowym skrócie



SEFF '16 OFFicial Trailer

SEFF '16 Selection Team

SEFF '16 Submission deadline 

SEFF '15 at a glance

Official Trailer SEFF '15

Sforward Spezial Das Stettin European Film Festival 2015

Szczecin - DEKRA Impression SEFF '15 

Goodbye SEFF 2015 - DEKRA Hochschule für Medien

Ron's Daily: Special Edition with Kuba Szutkowski @ SEFF 2015

Vipassana with Tomasz Raczek @ SEFF 2015

European Competition SEFF 2015 - Friday

Ron's Daily: "Directed by Tweedie"

Chillout with the Jackpot Duo @ SEFF 2015

Crossing boundaries with Tomasz Raczek and Bartosz Wójcik


Ron's Daily: "Maybe Darkness"

Sunny Saturday!

SEFF at “Oktoberfest” #weloveszczecin

father0 – Konrad Pachciarek @ SEFF 2015

Centrum Dialogu Przełomy @ SEFF

Ron's Daily: "Short film about life"

Our half time @ SEFF 2015

Masterclass - Józef Robakowski @ SEFF 2015

Ron's Daily: "Figura"

SEFF Film Forum - How to get your money!

Ron's Daily: "Interlude"

Ron's daily: "Mother Rythm"

We don`t do this to make everybody happy

SEFF '15 selection summary

Szczecin European Film Festival - trailer 2015

The third ''semi-final'' of West Pomerania Shorts 2015


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