TELEFON ART + meeting with Filip Springer
TechnoPark Pomerania
ul. Cyfrowa 4
Admission free
TELEFON ART – observed events, moving life situations,the inspiration we draw from our surroundings can often become the topic of a film. Short film forms competition TELEFON ART'19 has an open formula, which does not limit authors to one chosen realisation technique. Thanks to this we can see curious fruits of creativity, films on the verge of genres, interesting narration and original artistic
conventions. Our special guest at TELEFON ART will be Filip Springer.
Filip Springer – a prominent Polish reporter,photojournalist, and expert on Polish architecture. His works were published in “Polityka, “Rzeczpospolita,”Przekrój,” and “Tygodnik Powszechny,” among others. Received scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2010) and the program Młoda Polska Narodowego Centrum Kultury (2012). Author of reportage books.


„Enjoy Your Meal” reż. Saman Haghighivand, IR, 2018
„Here I Think Of All My Freedom” reż. Mohammad Hasani, IR, 2019
„Maybe Tomorrow” Nicolas Khamsopha, FR, 2018
„Dream Song - Tao Of Bobo” reż. Daniel Appleby, US, 2019
„Hate Dialogues” reż. Rupert Jörg, DE, 2019
„Trans Boy Remember: To My Hymen, To My Voice” reż. Lexie Bean, US, 2019
„As Long As I Can Hold My Breath” reż. Mohamed Thara, FR, 2018
„HAIRCUT” reż. Mladen Vukasinovic, ME, 2018
„Time limit” reż. Stefano Pelleriti, IT, 2018
„Breathing Still” reż. Jill Daniels, UK, 2018
„Time and space” reż. Jasmin Böschen, DE, 2019
„The Earth Is Being Taken Care Of” reż. Divya Hansda, IN, 2019
„Nuit” reż. Grzegorz Kielawski, Alexander Bayer, AT, 2018
„A Country In Moving Pictures” reż. Arjanmar Rebeta, PH, 2018
„A Long Drive” reż. Ram Krishna Saha, BD, 2018
„City” reż. Ashwyn Goveas, IN, 2019
„Live” reż. Vasilis Stavropoulos, GR, 2018