The European Competition'22


The European Competition at Szczecin Film Festival'22 is a competition for the latest European documentary productions that balance on the edge of different film techniques and stylistics, broadening the concept of documentary cinema.

Each year, the competition presents several dozen carefully selected titles. The chosen documentary films are a cross-section of works that stand out against the background of tired formulae and seemingly played-out topics. Creators known by few and film veterans alike will have a chance to confront their productions with the opinions of the jury and the festival audience. Thanks to the availability of technology and the ease with which people can communicate globally, we can enjoy innovative and exciting cinema that abolishes our prior perception of documentary film, and broadens our horizons.

The films presented at the festival are selected by a Polish-German Program Committee. Its members search for productions that cross the formal boundaries and exhibit an unconventional approach to reality – productions that are documentary trailblazers. Premieres are considered especially significant.

Awards are given by an international jury, which is assembled by the organisers. Apart from film screenings, a relevant and characteristic part of the European Competition are discussions with the presented films’ creators.

The final deadline for submissions is 20.06.2022. In order to submit your film, please use Filmfreeway, or Festhome platforms. Details concerning the open call can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the European Competition for documentary films at SEFF'22.

Films can be submitted via the entry form below, as well as via submission portals:




the OFFicyna Association

Bartosz Wójcik, Programme Director
Dana Jesswein, Managing Director