Running time: 104'

Teenage guerrillas are watching an American hostage in the mountains of South America. “The Organisation” is giving them orders via the radio, assigns them a cow – Shakira, and machine guns to play with. Shakira’s accidental death starts the fight for leadership in the unit which has to escape from the mountains into the Amazonian jungle. This is the beginning of a brutal fight for survival. The hostage sees her chance to escape, and the unit destroys the radio and their contact with “the Organisation.” The rebels are left alone with their demons. They are making their way through the tropical forest, and death follows them… The hypnotising atmosphere is underlined by Mika Levi’s soundtrack. “Monos” was a huge success at Sundance (Special Jury Prize) and Berlinale 2019, where “The Guardian” deemed the film “the best thing” there and called it “Apocalypse Now on shrooms.” Alejandro Landes’ film is the official Columbian candidate for the Academy Award.