Chillout Zone – Director's Night with James Cameron vol.7

Szczecin Film Festival 2020: 26.10.2020, Monday, 18:00
Český film, al. Jana Pawła II 3-4 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: Chillout Zone

October Chillout Zone revolves around films which became part of the history of cinema and revolutionised the technical aspect of genre film. This year we are also interested in pictures which emphasise industrial motifs (such as metal, which is very important in the “Terminator” franchise) and new technologies, without which the modern world would be difficult to imagine. James Cameron’s cinema paved the path in the area of innovative special effects and made a real breakthrough.



A feisty sensation comedy with Jamie Lee Curtis (she got a Golden Globe for this role) and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which today is truly iconic. Harry Tasker is a seemingly normal, good-natured computer salesman but in reality, he leads a double life as a secret agent. Everything gets complicated when the protagonist starts to think that his wife is cheating on him. Cameron’s film is a brilliant parody of James Bond’s adventures.


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