The Academy of Art @ SEFF

Szczecin Film Festival 2020: 21.10.2020, Wednesday, 19:00
Kana's Cellar, Plac Piotra i Pawła 4/5 (where is that?)
Blok tematyczny: The Boundaries of Cinema


Academy of Art at SEFF is became a festival tradition of presenting the works of the most talented students of the Painting and New Media department of the Academy of Art in Szczecin – the fastest developing educational institution for visual arts in Poland. This year the films will not be shown at the end of the European Competition blocks at SEFF, as they were in previous years, but in a separate screening.


Sandra, D: Martyna Pasternak, 2020, POL, 5’
Mara, D: Maria Plucińska, 2020, POL, 20’
Upadki, D: Bogna Juchnowicz, 2020, POL, 19’
Ballada do balkonów, D: Gosia Trajkowska, Agata Lech, 2020, POL, 7’
Izoalienation, D: Zuzanna Gillert, Kamil Składanek, 2019, POL, 25

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