SEFF '16 "Dżem Session" at Kana 's Cellar

„DŻEM Session” at Kana's Cellar is among Szczecin's most popular cultural events. Regulars can listen to musicians from different stylistic realms jamming together. The hosts - the band CHANGO - share the stage with known artists from all over Poland. Regular guests include actors, musicians, journalists - music-lovers, simply. The special guest of SEFF '16 "Dżem Session" at Kana's Cellar will be the band CHEAP TOBACCO.
CHEAP TOBACCO have played over 300 concerts in Poland and abroad since the band was formed. They have played at Rawa Blues, Juwenalia, Suwałki Blues Festival, Bochum Total, among other events. Throughout their history, they have won many a Grand Prix and audience award. Their lead singer has been named the best blues voice in Poland in 2015, while the band itself - the discovery of the year 2013. Following the release of their debut album, "Promises of Tomorrow," the band made it onto the "Trójka" radio, and has been praised by music journalists such as Piotr Baron, Jan Chojnacki, and Wojciech Mann. For several years now the band has been winning the hearts of audiences throughout Poland. Line-up: Natalia Kwiatkowska - vocals, Robert "Kapa" Kapkowski - guitar, Michał Bigulak - bass, Adam Partyka - drums.
CHANGO is four musicians from Szczecin, known for their performances at major Polish and foreign stages. Years of experience gained in numerous bands (Łona Webber & The Pimps, K BLEAX, Jan Gałach Band, UKEJE, Big Fat Mama) have resulted in a debut album that is very well-thought-out and designed in every detail - "MONO vs. STEREO" (publisher: BIG FLOW, distributor: Dobrzewiesz Nagrania / Warner Music Poland). Line-up: Szymon Drabkowski - guitar, Maciek Kałka - bass, Borys Sawaszkiewicz - keys, Kuba Fiszer - drums.

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