New Baltic Cinema – Germany

A review of short music forms created by the young German generation. The selection was made by Arne Papenhagen – director of the FiSH festival, where the chosen productions were screened.


Admission free


Curator: Arne Papenhagen


PopFiSH is the part at FiSH during which it´s all about music videos. PopFiSH is a vision – we watch and select the best music video of the province.

It is also a mission – we bring together what belongs together: rock and pop and video. The videos are presented in cooperation with PopKW, an association for Rock & Pop Music in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. PopFiSH offers workshops, networking, and a  music video prize all in one. The ten best music videos from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania will be shown on the big cinema screen, and the jury jury awards the prize of 1,000 euros. There is also an Audience Award.

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