The Polish Competition 2016

This year’s Polish Competition will present ten motion pictures divided into two competition blocks. Seven of the productions are Polish, while three are co-productions: a Polish-British one and a Polish-French-American-British one. Notable films include “The Breath” by Marcin Jarczyński, a young and very skilled director from Chojnice (his earlier film, “85625” has been shown at prestigious festivals such as Cannes and Los Angeles), as well as “Patriotic Lesson” by Filip Jacobson, whose camera work and black-and-white aesthetics will fascinate the audience.
What can be considered a pleasant surprise is that “Shoulder the Lion” can also be found among the competition screenings. This film by Erinnisse and Patryk Rębisz is an experimental take on documentary cinema, a fascinating film essay that will be a visual feast for many a viewer while provoking to reflect on the role of art in the modern world. There will also be some local Szczecin flavour in the form of Krzysztof Kuźnicki’s documentary “My First Time in My Life,” which tells the story of an ordinary man who one day encountered a truly extraordinary turn of events. Wojciech Klimala’s “The River” is  going to leave a lasting impression; it is about a little girl living by the river Bug, the areas of which she traverses like Alice in Wonderland.

This year, the Polish-German Selection Team, consisting of Bartosz Wójcik, Jörg Foth, and Damian Romaniak, has selected 10 films for the Polish Competition. The list of qualified films is as follows:

"Bojownik" – Anna Pawluczuk, PL, 2015
"Goran the Camel Man" – Marcin Lesisz, PL, 2016
"Kombinat" – Janusz Szymański, PL, 2015
"Lekcja Patriotyzmu"  – Filip Jacobson, DE/PL, 2016
"Mój pierwszy raz" – Krzysztof Kuźnicki, PL, 2016
"Musimy porozmawiać" – Jędrzej Michalak, PL, 2016
"Oddech" – Maciej Jarczyński, PL, 2015
"The Realm of Forgotten Existence" – Piotr Piasta, PL/UK, 2015
"The River" – Wojciech Klimala, PL, 2016
"Shoulder the Lion" – Erinnisse Rębisz, Patryk Rębisz, PL/FR/USA/UK, 2015
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