Saturday 26.10.2019
Warsztaty Animacji Poklatkowej / SEFF MINI
Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie
pl. Orła Białego 2
Tickets: 10 zł / registration


Due to a multiannual cooperation with the TWORZĘ SIĘ gallery we will have a chance to host Izabela Plucińska – an outstanding animated films director, who together with Małgorzata Borowiec will hold workshops on a stop-motion animation. During these extraordinary workshops, the participants will try their hand at working with video cameras, light, and sound. Animation constitutes an interesting challenge for artists of every age. Children will revive their imagination under the supervision of experienced artists. At the classes, we will not only learn about art and visual art but also acquire knowledge on the stop-motion animation and learn how to tell stories via images. Fostering creativity is an unwonted adventure that everybody should experience.


„Królewicz”, Monika Kuczyniecka, Jerz Igor, 2014, POL

„Bulf” Marcin Domitr, Adam Witkowski, 2018, POL

„Spodnie i żelazko” Julia Orlik, 2018, POL



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