In the October Chillout Zone we will see a little review of Steven Spielberg’s movies from different periods in his creative work. Thanks to this American director, we will be transferred to fascinating and fantastic worlds, where there will be plenty of adventure and obligatory thrills.



One of the most famous thrillers in the history of film. After its every screening, we develop an extreme fear of swimming in the sea. A screen adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel. Amity Island, a small coastal town, witnesses a sudden appearance of a man-eating shark, which causes desolation and unrest. Three daredevils decide to face him.

Český Film - 23.10 – 22:00


A famous science-fiction film about how we are not alone in the universe. A seemingly unrelated group of people suddenly leaves everything behind and sets out on a journey to meet alien civilisation. A mysterious signal leads them to an eerie mountain called the Devil’s tower.

Český Film - 24.10 – 22:00



The first part of the famous adventure series about a brave archeologist, with a brilliant performance by Harrison Ford. The protagonist wants to find the biblical Ark of the Covenant but he will have to face snakes, Nazis and many other obstacles.

Český Film - 25.10 – 22:00



In the first half of the 1990s, the film caused a real dinomania. Dinosaurs experienced a real renaissance. This iconic techno-thriller takes place on an island separated from the world, where a crazy scientist created a reserve with living dinosaurs.

Český Film- 26.10 – 22:00



A screen adaptation of a story by Philip K. Dick, starring Tom Cruise. This futuristic film takes place in Washington in year 2054. These are the times when you can predict the future and punish murderers before they even commit their crime. The protagonist, commissioner John Anderton, is accused of a murder that has not taken place yet.

Český Film- 27.10 – 22:00



A film about virtual reality and the blurry line between childhood and adulthood. It all takes place in 2045. People are looking for solace in the virtual world. Its creator decides that, should he pass away, his fortune should go to the first person who finds the digital Easter egg hidden in the virtual world. Some say that it is both a film and a video game in one.

Český Film- 28.10 – 22:00