The theme of the June Chillout Zone was city in film. We saw contemporary cities, as well as those from the recent past and those from the future. The city is a very well-received and popular topic used in different genres, including drama, comedy, sensation or sci-fi. During our evening sessions, we took a look at cities from various perspectives.


#1 A film surprise directed by Sidney Lumet

One of the most famous sensation dramas in the history of film, directed by master Sidney Lumet, who often takes up urban topics in his films. Starring the unforgettable and famous Al Pacino, who took on the part of an uncompromising cop who fights corruption in New York.

Český Film - 12.06 – 22:00

#2 A film surprise directed by Don Siegiel

A great film with one of the cinema legends, Clint Eastwood, who began the famous series about the steadfast officer of the law, inspector Callahan. The protagonist always chooses his own, brutal methods – he does not solve problems, he eliminates them. The first film is set in San Francisco, a city haunted by a crazy sniper called Scorpio.

Český Film - 13.06 – 22:00


#3 A film surprise directed by Fernando Meirelles

The film received four Academy Award nominations in four different categories. The story is based on facts and talks about two boys coming from Rio de Janeiro slums. One of them joined a gang, the other one chose art and decided to be a photographer. This picture is a real Samba on the very bottom of hell.

Český Film - 14.06 – 22:00


#4 A film surprise directed by Paul Haggis

In 2006, Paul Haggis' film received three Academy Awards, including “Best Picture.” It is a multithreaded plot, where in 36 hours the paths of various Los Angeles inhabitants cross. Starring Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon and Brendan Fraser.

Český Film- 15.06 – 22:00


#5 A film surprise directed by R. Rodriguez and F. Miller

A suspenseful and unusual crime story, which came from under the hands of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. Three stories taking place in Basin City – the city of sin – which is home for prostitutes, criminals, and corrupt law officers. Starring two tough guys of the silver screen – Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke.