SEFF means also good sounds – not only in connection with films, but present every evening in the festival club – the Kana Cellar. This is where you can search for unique music experience with Szczecin roots and worldwide spirit. A rare occasion to experience all colours of the music rainbow within a week and one place. From classic jazz, through soul and R'n'B, alternative chillout, organic fusion of improvised sounds and charming musical poetry. 


Jazzy Wednesday

Fantastic musicians, professors of the Art Academy of Szczecin and jazz department of the Second Degree Music School in Szczecin, will welcome you with the accompaniment of their guests. Joanna Gajda - piano, Bartosz Świątek - double-bass, Krzysztof Kołłataj - drums.

The Kana Cellar - 23.10 – 9:00 PM



TommDJ – seff & chillout session

Those who frequently go clubbing and those who listen to regional radio surely recognize him. Fascinated with inapparent sounds and widely understood music alternative, he is also open to more popular tunes.

The Kana Cellar – 24.10 – 9:00 PM



Dżem Session with Chango

CHANGO – four Szczecin’s musicians – Szymon Drabkowski, Maciej Kałka, Borys Sawaszkiewicz and Tomasz Nawrocki, accompanied by plenty of talented musicians, deriving from different ensembles, will perform together on one stage. When they meet in the Cellar, anything can happen!

The Kana Cellar - 25.10 – 9 PM



Abonent Poza Zasięgiem

Pop in to experience the rhythmical move of bodies, arising spontaneously under the influence of impulse, or consciously experiencing emotional states, coordinated with rhythmic music intonated by Dobry Człowiek, featuring Tropiki!

The Kana Cellar – 26.10-9:00 PM



SempOne-slow soul&r’nb&Medeina

Szczecin’s City Hall dance club resident – his blood is black, and his heart beats together with classic new-school beats. He plays Rap, Trap, R&B and Dancehall. His sets are an energetic mixture of fat, juicy, various style pieces, embellished with DJ's tricks. A hypnotic tribal fusion dance group Medeina will be a special guest of his set.

The Kana Cellar – 27.10 – 9:00 PM



Jackpot – concert for the end of Szczecin Film Festival

Kasia Buja – vocal, Maciej Kazuba – guitar. Together in life and on stage. Their recital is a sentimental, but humorous travel to the world, where music was written by real composers, and lyrics by true poets

The Kana Cellar – 28.10 – 9:00 PM