The SEFF’19 Opening Ceremony


Opening Ceremony
The screening of film “Jestem z Doumga”
dir. Małgorzata Frymus, DOP Łukasz Nyks 


Polskie Radio Szczecin Studio S1

al. Wojska Polskiego 73



SEFF'19 Opening Ceremony will take place at Studio S1 of Polish Radio Szczecin.The program includes a meeting with artists hosted by Konrad Wojtyła, a musical DJ set and the premiere of documentary film “Jestem z Doumga” directed by Małgorzaty Frymus, DOP by Łukasz
“Jestem z Doumga” is a story about a man named Amadou Sy, who goes through life with his head held high, proudly and responsibly. He has a big heart, in which a lot of room is taken up by two homelands,Poland and Senegal. He loves them both the same,admires and values them both. The film shows a person who is European and an African at the same time, and how perfectly he harmonises love and attachment to both his homelands, while not setting either of them above the other one.
The Partner of the Opening Ceremony is Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna, leading distributor of heat and electrical power vendor in Szczecin and in the region,namely in Barlinek, Dębno, Łobez, Myślibórz, Połczyn-Zdrój, Słubice and Strzelce Krajeńskie.