The Faces of Westpomeranian Cinema

This block presents and promotes filmmakers associated with our region. It is an important element of Szczecin European Film Festival which showcases the local filmmaking scene. There are many creative people in West Pomerania, and it is worthwhile to know their work. These are not only directors, but also screenwriters, camera operators, producers, sound engineers – people without whom making a complete motion picture would be impossible. For years, the films in our region have been produced by Polish Television, Szczecin Branch, and it is their archive that holds the output of many an excellent filmmaker. This year we wish to present films produced by two generations. The first will be represented by the doyenne of Westpomeranian cinema, Teresa Modelska. The second, younger generation of authors from West Pomerania will be represented by young TVP Szczecin journalists – Ernest Saj and Fabian Zając.

This year's Faces of Westpomeranian Film is organised in partnership with TVP Szczecin.


Teresa Modelska

Teresa Modelska was born 24.02.1930 in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. She graduated from high school with a humanities-focused course in Lublin, and from art history at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. For four years she worked as stylistic editor in Polish Radio in Szczecin, since 1967 in Telewizja Szczecińska as manager for the Program Preparation and Broadcasting, as program secretary, and as author of articles, reportages, and artistic programs for the region and Poland. She has always been interested in the exploration of West Pomerania, tracing its history, current events, the presentation of people gifted with talent, artistic passion, social instinct. A number of program series was made: Strażnicy kultury, Architekci, Miasta i Miasteczka Pomorskie, Wędrówki po Szczecinie i Regionie, film monographs of people associated with science, art, and music, as well as reports from Polish and international visual art and music festivals. In 2000 she was awarded the Gold Duck as journalist of the year.

Okno na świat / Window To The World
Production: POL 2001, 29'

Szczecińska Hellada / Szczecin's Ancient Greece
Production: POL 2004, 13'

Jerzy Gumiela 1951-2010
Production: POL 1988, 30'


Ernest Mikołaj Saj

Ernest Mikołaj Saj was born on December 6th 1983 in Krasnystaw (Lublin Voivodeship). He graduated from primary school and secondary technical school of electronics (major: computer networks and systems) in Chełm, where he lived until 2004. He then moved to Szczecin, where he began studying at the Maritime University. In 2009 he was admitted to the degree of Master of Science, Engineer (major: Logistics and Management in European Transport System). His adventure with film began in 2006. During his stay in Alaska he shot his first amateur film on a keelboat. In 2008 he started working for the Szczecin branch of Polish Television as a journalist. He specialises in social and interventionist journalism. He does reportages for “Wokół Nas,” “Magazyn Ekspresu Reporterów,” Celownik,” “Telekurier,” and “Raport z Polski.” He helps people who stopped believing in justice. He made his first documentary film in the summer of 2011. With his camera he accompanied the parents of nine-year-old Nikola, who was awaiting adoption in a foster family that had been assigned to her by Norwegian officials. The desperate parents decided to free the child at any cost. This story served as the basis for the documentary “Escape from Paradise,” which was one of two films to represent Poland at the world's biggest international festival for public television held in May 2012 in Sydney. The film was also presented at the 25th Dallas VideoFest, and Asia's biggest documentary film festival in Guangzhou.

Ucieczka z raju / Escape from paradise
Production: POL 2011, 25'


Fabian Zając

TVP journalist. Works for the local editorial board of the Wokół Nas program. Does reportages for Magazyn Ekspresu Reporterów and Reporter Polski on TVP 2. His main area of interest are interventional-social topics. For his reportage Grandson Style he was awarded at the Polish Journalist Review and Competition in Gdańsk 2011. For Łukasz the Champion he was awarded the SENI prize at the Festiwal Sztuki Faktu in Toruń 2014.

Łukasz Zwycięzca / Łukasz, the Champion
Production: POL 2013, 15'

Gdy oczy nie widzą... / When the eyes don't see...
Production: POL 2011, 11'

Mamo, gdzie jesteś? / Mom, where are you?
Production: POL 2014, 11'

Na wnuczka / Grandson style
Production: POL 2010, 12'



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