Telephone ART

TELEFON ART – observed events, moving life situations,the inspiration we draw from our surroundings can often become the topic of a film. Short film forms competition TELEFON ART'19 has an open formula, which does not limit authors to one chosen realisation technique. Thanks to this we can see curious fruits of creativity, films on the verge of genres, interesting narration and original artistic conventions. 

Sir Chub de Pigi, Dir. Oleksandr Hoisan 2019, 9’ UKR
The Wooden Doll, Dir. Mohamad Reza Misaghi 2020, 6’ IRN
A Letter to God, Dir. Bahman Zangeneh 2020, 8’ IRN
The Great Beyond., Dir. Hardik Sadhwani 2019, 6’ IND
A Silent Life, Dir. Kuba Ptaszyński 2020, 4’ POL
Home, Dir. Ane Rodríguez , Lore Monteiro 2020, 2’ MEX
Behold the men, Dir. Ludovico Maria Okubo Nitoglia 2020, 3’ BRA
Friday morning when Daniele seems dead, Dir. Yang Chao Hao 2019, 16’ TWN
Pandemic Zoom, Dir. Julianna Pitt 2020, 7’ USA

SOLO, Dir. Sendoa Cardoso, 2020, 3' SPA